Arian Asansor Co. was established in 1992 as the first manufacturer of lift microprocessor control system in Iran. Having enjoyed the cooperation of experienced engineers and experts in electronic, the company owns a considerable portion of the market through production diversity and applying modern sales and marketing techniques and strategies.To gain satisfaction of the customer, the company has not only improved the quantity and quality of after sale services, but in addition to training the customers, it has also initiated to provide 24 hour services.
Kollmorgen Control Panel

  • Able to set up to 56 floors.
  • Equipped by “Yaskawa” drive.
  • Two years guarantied, according to guaranty situation.
  • Possible to define the display like as Binary, Gray code, self-define.

Saba Control Panel

  • Appropriate for hydraulic elevators with two-speed motor or single-speed by 1 m/s.
  • Equipped by 15 KW contactors appropriate for motor power to 9.2 KW (22A).
  • Equipped by emergency rescue system (without battery).
  • Reducing usage of energy and electricity payments owing to use of vf3 Drive.

Hami Control Panel

  • Ability to set up for all Ac/Dc door types (Bus, simatic and selecom 220 and mery).
  • Each call chassis could be blocked by programmin.
  • Overload protection by means of Drive.
  • Short-circuit protection of single and three-phase outputs.

Mahak Control Panel

  • Proper for hydraulic elevators with two-speed motor and single-speed by 1 m/s.
  • Battery voltage monitoring to prevent uncontrolled movement.
  • Able to play a message in emergency rescue situation.
  • Includes motor safe protecting system to protect motor from overload.

Naji Control Panel

  • One year guarantied, according to guaranty situation.
  • Proper for hydraulic elevators.
  • Select movement direction to decrease usage of energy.
  • If needed the emergency rescue board could be inactivated by defined key.


  • Car top inspection box specifications "LIB-CC"
  • Simple Car top inspection box specifications "LIB-SI"
  • Fault announcement system specifications (FAS or GSM)

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